Tuesday, September 25, 2007

thing 11

So I added 5 books was I was instructed.

for the kind of people who wants to keep track of what they have read, this site will be useful.
but for me, I am to lazy to care about this kind of things.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

things 10

here is the image
made with meez. it was easy enough



let's see how this works

thing #9

so, I visited Merlin and I see the familier faces on the blog.
I added merlin to the feed and used feedster and topix.
I like topix, especaially it sorts news according to where you are.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So, RSS, I registered 10 blogs and sites at preetamarai.com
some were the sites that I have heard of before and wanted to check out.
So, I hope this will be something good.

my opinion about computer shopping

are you are gamer?, the kind of gamer that plays new released/most demanding games?
if yes, you should build a computer on your own. that is the best way for the gamers.

if you are not a gamer and usually do some emailing and internet... please do not buy computers cost any more than 500. if what you are doing is not getting any more advanced since the days of win95, you do not need any more than win95. spending more money is loosing more money.

people who do not use computer right and spend so much money on the computer that they do not even use right, looks pretty stupid to me. offensive? I know, but you are being wasteful. there is a better way to spend money than wasting it on the toys you are not even willing to learn how to use them. send some to cancer foundation....no, the library foundation, there we go.

I have a machine, I bought it for 200 2 years ago. Athlonxp 2900, an old crap if you just look at the spec. on it, I have 2 videocard and 3 monitors, one is 32inch to watch movie. I do not even have DVD player because my computer is completely multimedia. even then, I am aware that I am not pulling any more than fraction of the potential of this old crap.

before you buy anything new, you should think if you got most of the potential out of your machine. if not, don't be lazy, be a better user. before you blame your computer, there are things you should learn.

thing #6

OK, play with fricker
So, I uploaded my picture and now it shows on the frickr.

easier than I thought it will be.
Not bad programming. we, programmers always encounter this same problem, more options to give to the user = more reasons to be confused about it, or, less options, less confusion, and least control to what it does. well, they did well, I suppose.